Microeconomics I

Topic l Individual Decision Making

Topic ll. Consumer Choice

Topic lll. Classical Demand Theory

Topic lV. Aggregate Demand

Topic V. Production

Topic VI. Choice Under Uncertainty.

Course Materials

Behavioral Economics I

Topic I: Fairness and Social Preferences

Topic II: Experimental Design

Topic III: Identity

Topic IV: Judgment under Uncertainty (Heuristics and Biases)

Topic V: Behavioral Welfare Economics

Topic VI: Happiness

Topic VII: Other Topics

Course Materials

Behavioral Economics II: Topics in Terrorism, Risk Perception, and Crisis Informatics.

Topic I: Identity

Topic II: Urban Warfare and Terrorism

II.a Terrorism and Influence

ll.b Radicalization and Motivation

ll.c Industrial/Organizational psychology and terrorism

Topic III: Economics and Terrorism

III.a Economics of Crime: Basic Concepts, Models of criminal behavior

III.b On the field: Empirical studies and Experiments

Topic IV: Risk Perception and Terrorism

IV. a Modeling Risk

IV.b Modeling Emotion-Based Decision Making in Risk Environments

Topic VI: Crisis Informatics and Terrorism

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Methods for Network Analysis I

Topic I: Forms of Network Data

Topic II: Ego Networks and Experiments

Topic III: Aggregated Ego Networks

Topic IV: Multi-Mode and Hyper Networks

Topic V: Basic network metrics I

Topic VI: Basic network metrics II

Topic VII: Basic network metrics III

Topic VIII: Social Influence Models

Topic IX: Diffusion Models

Topic X: Longitudinal Network Models

Topic XI: QAP and MR/QAP

Topic XII: Exponential Random Graph Models

Course Materials

*Workshop Economics for Network Analysis.

Course Materials

*Workshop Machine Learning Applications to Economics

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