Hl, I'm Fernando PlascenciaCornell University
I do research in behavioral economics, one side of my research interest is to measure decision making in violent scenarios by using multiple methods (e.g., experiments, surveys). I am interested in the use of  Data Science, Machine Learning and NLP (natural language processing)  to study behavioral responses to crises (i.e violence produced by Urban Warfare, Terrorism), and complex social interactions;  by exploring experimental measures of subjective well-being,  risk perception and policy preferences.

Decision making and behavioral economics became a challenge when I found myself using all of the knowledge to explain the effects of violence on people's well-being choices in my homeland Mexico.

My free time is spent on hiking, running, I enjoy fantasy fiction in particular
the Japanese Manga (Saint Seiya) and Game of Thrones, and of course,  studying the complexity of decision making in risky environments.